Meet author and artist, Hannah Breece.

Food for Thought, “Works of art equip us for action.  And the range of actions for which they equip us is very nearly as broad as the range of human action itself.  The purposes of art are the purposes of life.  To envisage human existence without art is not to envisage human existence.  Art– so often thought of as a way of getting out of the world– is man’s way of acting in the world.  Artistically man acts.” ~Hannah Breece

Hannah’s children’s book is heavily grounded in the philosophies of aesthetics and virtue with a primary focus on goodness and our experience of the beautiful—a subject of personal fascination through both art and philosophy. Diotima’s speech in Plato’s Symposium from the third century B.C. is the primary source of inspiration for the whole series, with each individual piece representing a thoughtful consideration of each of the facets of her theory of beauty (more on that also under “Children’s Book”).  Ultimately, this series of images, the children’s book, and two related thesis papers in progress (one for the Honors program and one for philosophy) seek to explore the power of the imagination– particularly in youth– to shape our human experience; that is, how do art and literature spark the imagination and affect the way we think in our relationships with others, with the environment, and with ourselves?

Come meet this beautiful and intelligent author and artist this 1st Friday at AANC’s Gallery Walk, 148 W Oak Fort Collins, Colorado and check out her touring schedule on

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