Advertising for less in “Discover Fort Collins!”


Fort Collins Logo

This is the “2nd” year “Discover Fort Collins” is offering this special page for local artists to advertise

in Discover Fort Collins Magazine! It’s the May/June/July Issue.

Great opportunity to show copies of paintings in the upcoming

“Spring/Early Summer” issue. They have reserved 2 pages, (or maybe more?).

Each page has space for 9 images!

Just imagine the wonderful display of beautiful art on a “double page” spread.

The cost will only be $ 29.00 @ month for each image!!

The production of this issue is now in progress, so sign up for this special offering:

Just fill out the Agreement and Payment Authorization form by writing to or write to Nico below.

The total charge for 3 months will be $ 87.00 for each image (3×29.00).

Submit image size 2.5 : 3 ratio, email to:

Looking forward to your participation!


Nico's card

What advertisers say about

Discover Fort Collins Magazine:

***“I saw a spike in unique new visitors to my website, gained new subscribers to my newsletter and am working with a new client

who will be purchasing several prints from me – all because of my ad in Discover Ft. Collins magazine! You can bet I will keep advertising.”       

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Kate Dardine

***”The cover of the magazine with “Painted Lady” has been very popular for me and it looks as if I have sold 5 prints from that cover as well as a lot of nice compliments.

I am going to speak to the Sertoma Club about my art because of the cover.  I plan on continuing to advertise in each issue.

I am most impressed with the quality printing and the entire look of the magazine.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bob Coonts

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