The Need to Be Seen

In each of us, there is a need to be seen and heard. It doesn’t matter how small or large this need is. What is wonderful in the USA is that we have what’s called “the freedom of expression.” For some, it’s difficult to express what is really going on inside of us, and art gives us many mediums to do so. yet when we create, isn’t it a bit frightening to “put it out into the world?” “What if they don’t like it, what if someone laughs, what if it’s not valued the way I want it to be?” All questions each artist asks as she places her work on display.

I encourage artists to believe in themselves, and simply let their work speak for itself. There will always be critics and people who don’t like our work. There will always be people who don’t even like who we are as people, but does that mean we give up and die? Of course not! We continue to create, and we continue to let ourselves be vulnerable by allowing others into our worlds by seeing our art.

When you peel away at an orange, there is a layer we throw away, as we want to get to the sweet fruit inside. An artist peels away many layers, and often only her bones are being displayed. This takes guts…fearless guts, as she has now opened her self to scrutiny.

Art is a leap. It’s a leap out of ourselves and into the world. It’s almost comparable to the birth of a child. Something other than oursleves is being born from us. We love it, and we hope the world does too. We do our best to bring this “child” into the world the best we know how and we hope this child will find her place and be happy with her life. We secretly hope that our art becomes this child.

Inside of us all is the need to be seen. Art makes this possible and if we evolve, our art takes several different twists throughout our chapters of life.


A painting with watercolor I did in the mid 80’s.

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