Social Media For Artists!

It has taken me over 12 years to get where I am today. I began locking onto accounts that I felt would be important in the future. Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Facebook and many more. It’s almost frightening to realize that I now have over 55,000 connections in this area of Northern Colorado.

When attending NTSU (now called, The University of North Texas) a few professors had computers. The screens were archaic and it looked like DOS. There was no screen image and everything was gray and black. I’d walk by and watch the funny “gray screen” and felt as if I was “missing something somehow.” This was in the 1980’s.

I couldn’t afford my own computer, so I built one. It was 1990, and I frequented computer stores in Longmont, Colorado where they had boxes of ‘scrap’ computer chips and cards. I found an old PCU for free at a garage sale, and started. The dino ran on 186 MegaHertz and had an old Pentium processor.

Teaching art in the public schools was so eye-opening, that I knew I’d always be an advocate for artists and the arts. Everyone profits from the joy that art brings to our lives. From a painting that creates a mood, to meeting someone new who is an artist, or purchasing a piece of art that creates joy for a room in our home, art fills the voids in a black and white existence. The colors of the palette are like the colors of the world we live in.

So, I’ve devoted the past 15 years of my life building a presence as an art advocate in the art world–specifically in Northern Colorado. Now, I have the privilege of assisting artists by arranging them to hang their work in a host of public businesses in Old Town, Colorado. After hosting many shows for the area artist, and running large events, I’ve been fortunate to meet hundreds of wonderful artists in this area. Their personalities and artwork have brought me a new appreciation of why and what people create.

It is a rewarding job to be able to assist artists in the shameless task of self-promotion and bring local attendance to their displays. By helping them create FB, twitter, and Google Plus pages, they can grow interest for their art.

I specialize in online art shows, gallery events, promoting classes for artists, and a social media following that brings the public awareness of artistic events in this area. I enjoy designing ads and promoting events that artists enjoy. With my  business, “Castranova Connections,” I’ve now been hired by several artists, galleries and fundraisers to promote their classes, exhibits and causes!

               Many of my satisfied customers (yes, all artists) tell me I’ve changed their lives.

There’s nothing better than hearing this!

Castranova Connections by The Art Advocate

Castranova Connections by The Art Advocate

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