If You Build It, They Will Come

The ACE Gallery

The ACE Gallery

For the past 15 years, I wanted to run a gallery. I thought about offering artists a real way to be seen and to sell their art. I had dreams about how it would look. I became an art advocate , hosting many low cost shows for artists and crafters over the years. People learned that Alan and I were honest and we earned their trust.

And my husband was right, that in our dreams, other artist’s dreams can come true. This is my husband’s recent blog about our venture.

“In my dreams, her dreams come true.”

He writes about the fact that I wanted everyone to feel welcome, that I’d love to use my “worked for” social media presence to assist in sales. That I wanted to sell sweet tea, have lemonade, even cotton candy for special occasions. (Of course, served outside.)


My daughter is a really great writer too and always has been. Once, she told me she thought she could see me running an art gallery. I shrugged and didn’t quite see that vision for myself at that point in time.  Here’s her blog about how we need to be “ten times better.” I have never felt I was ‘better” than anyone, but I do have something that many people don’t have. I believe that is an ability to persevere. An ability to use my energy and channel it to make something work. It’s not something everyone wants to do, but it fuels me on and keeps me going. I need to be busy. Is that an Italian thing? Or an Irish thing? Mom and Dad might have some comments on it.

Some may say it’s fate, yet others can say it’s “luck,” but we’ve worked hard to get here, and now are afforded the opportunity to MARKET HEAVILY the artists who stick with us. Sort of like a “I’ll scratch your back, you scratch mine” type of arrangement. Of course, we have a prime location and the rent is high, but the artists have come forth, and through the sales of other things like clothes, jewelry and everything else I can stock up on–Windsor Newton & Gamblin Oil Paints, watercolors, rice paper, bristle brushes from Germany and on and on, I believe I can squeak by and make it each month. Failure isn’t in our vocabulary.

We will also offer instruction and workshops in acrylic, oil, watercolor and graphite! The honey oak floors are old and distressed. The creamy, eggshell walls are beautiful and the refinished brick wall on the North side of the gallery is the perfect backdrop for a beautiful painting!

Today was occupied by sweeping floors, cleaning windows and blinds, wiping dust off of archways, installing the ADT security system, answering over 42 e-mails from area artists who want to hang there, having Sec Electric come and install lighting, and pricing tiny pant-brushes, jewelry items and clothing. It was a really big day, and I loved it.

Tomorrow will offer more cleaning and pricing. Our grand opening is July 3rd.

My husband is always there helping and carrying things into the new place. His support is invaluable and I don’t believe I could do it all alone. It is tough opening a new business.

We each have different chapters in our lives and this is a new one for both my husband and I. Everyone needs a dream, and I hope to make this gallery a warm and inviting place that sells a lot of art in Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado.

The Ace Gallery Website

Yes, we mostly will hang local artists, but we will also honor having a few artists per month ship their work to us from different parts of the good ol’ US of A. A cultural experience the whole family can enjoy, awaits at The Ace Gallery, also known as Art Country Emporium!


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