July at the ACE Gallery!

So, if you haven’t come around to see the beautiful art hanging in the ACE Gallery, at 222 Pine St (around the corner from the Silver Grill) you may wish to stop on in (222 Pine St, Fort Collins, Colorado, Tuesday-Saturday from 1-7 PM) this week. Of course, there is 1st Friday’s Gallery Walk July 3rd at 5 to 9 PM as well and we’d love to see you then too!

Here’s a sneak peek for all of the art lovers in our town and beyond!


Kimberly Lavelle

Jacquie Vaux

DJ Sie

Diane Edwards

Becky Jackson

Ed Brown

Judy Sprague

Joe Beakey

Ann Arensmeyer

Shari Massey

Jim Whartman

Lana Tyler

James Swanson

Shari Massey2015-06-28 Artist Tour 014

Diane Edwards

2015-06-28 Artist Tour 015

Kimberly Lavelle 2015-06-28 Artist Tour 016

DJ Sies 2015-06-28 Artist Tour 018

Becky Jackson

2015-06-28 Artist Tour 019Ann Arensmeyer2015-06-28 Artist Tour 020 2015-06-28 Artist Tour 021

                                                                                                                           Judy Sprague

2015-06-28 Artist Tour 022 2015-06-28 Artist Tour 023 2015-06-28 Artist Tour 024 Lana Tyler2015-06-28 Artist Tour 025 James Swanson

2015-06-28 Artist Tour 026 Jim Whartman

If anything catches your eye, please write me at artadvocateonline@yahoo.com for the artist’s website and contact information! ART IS LIFE!


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