Cowboy Storytelling at the ACE Gallery

The Cowboy

The Cowboy

The Cowboy

The Cowboy

Each Sunday the ACE Gallery boasts a huge slide show of whatever the cowboy will be speaking about. Those stories can include line shacks, the Overland Trail, Cowboy ethics, ranch life and more.

Western dress isn’t required but it’s encouraged. Don’t worry, we won’t “string you up” for looking like a city slicker.

Kids get to sit on a beautiful Circle Y Show saddle, have a antler hat made out of balloons to wear, and have a piece of apple pie and sweet tea while you listen.

The gallery owner closes the deal with her rendition of Red River Valley.

Don’t miss a “taste of the West” and a little sprucin’ up of Old Town, Colorado with some very fine Western art!

SUNDAYS 2 to 3:30

Ace Gallery

222 Pine St

Fort Collins, Colorado


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