James Swanson: Artist and the traveler

James Swanson is our BEST SELLING ARTIST at the ACE Gallery!

Manufactured Dissent

James Swanson is an artist from Chicago who has been working on a project with friends and strangers from around the world. His friends (both new and old) do the traveling and James paints and blogs about their travels. So far he’s met a lot of different people: teachers from Portland, people who travel and live in RVs and UK Hillwalkers, to name but a few.

MD: Tell us about your work.

JS: I’ve been working on a series of paintings called “Painting from Afar – the Artist and the Travelers’ Journeys.” I’m trying to travel the world in paint with the help and the travel experiences of friends, new and old.

The friends are normal Travelers from all over the world, that as the Artist, I have somehow met through this project. The Travelers share their stories and pictures with me and I share the journey with brush on…

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