Featured Residents: Robert Hickman & Michelle Welsch

Painters, writers, singers…..art is art!

A.i.R. Byrdcliffe

With our vast array of talent this summer, it was difficult to pick only two residents to feature for this first session. Each of our residents shine in unique and interesting ways and both Robert Hickman, a visual artist, and  Michelle Welsch, a writer, are great examples of that.

Robert Hickman

Robert HickmanQ: What kind of artist are you? What type of art do you create?
I’m a visual artist. I make objects, installations, and public art. I’m best known for my skylight commission for the MTA 72nd Street Subway Station on New City’s Upper West Side. I’ve been working with cut glass and mirror mosaic for over 25 years.

Q: What are you currently working on?
Last year I bought a sewing machine and began taking classes at City Quilter. I was looking for a way to make soft, lightweight tiles. I’ve been interested in quilt patterns for years, and…

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